Patios and Driveways are our speciality. We pride ourselves on the finish that we can achieve with your hard
surface and the differences can be startling. 
The initial clean is completed with the 22" spinning head to take the large proportion of the dirt off. Following that spots are removed with the conical lance. Any tough lichen spots can be treated with non-invasive, safe chemicals to ensure that the finish is truly as Clean as a Whistle.
The equipment we use works at a very high pressure and will remove any weeds, moss and most lichens as well as any old weak jointing. 
After the cleaning process has been completed, patio jointing can be replaced with a sand and cement mix and block paving driveways have kiln dried sand swept in. The aim is to return the jointing to it's original state.
Weed killer can then be used to keep the weeds away and patios and driveways can be sealed to help not only improve the look of the surface, but also help keep weeds at bay.
The final part of the process is to wash down all the surrounding area and surface itself,
leaving it Clean as a Whistle all round...